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which dress would look better for a casual date? i literally have no fashion sense lmao

Tuesday July 29, 2014
2 months ago

Tagged — #kat no nichijou #hALP
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    Ooh~ I’d have to say the pink one if its just casual. It’s nice and light and a lovely soft pink. Your date would be a...
  2. that-blog-about-ecchi-stuff reblogged this from mintykat and added:
    The one on the left. Though that’s sort of just personal preference XP
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  6. trapstahr said: the pink one.
  7. my-weak-side said: pink!!!!
  8. winterroseslove said: The one on the right :)
  9. prettysushi-chan said: The pink one is cuter, thus more casual, the purple one is darker for formal events. ;o; you’re pretty <3
  10. m-i-e-o-w said: sorry :c i like the pink dress. why i write the second dress. ah. you’re cute :3 and i love your dress
  11. aegyo-chuu said: Pink <3
  12. pinkchyuu said: The pink one!! It’s so cuteeee o u o
  13. himesamaa said: i’m thinking the one on the right. the cut just gives it a more casual look to me.
  14. kureira-bow said: pink for sure!! both are lovely, though <3
  15. stelvei said: I enjoy the pink one a little more, I think <3 xoxo You’d wear the purple if you were meeting the parents ;)
  16. peachypeach350 said: the pink one is cuter!
  17. lenikatz said: Pinkk
  18. c1efairy said: Pink yaaas :)
  19. goronruby said: Pink! :D
  20. mintykat posted this
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